Sitting alongside the left bank of the lake, Cologny is famous for its beautiful houses nestled on the hill with their views on the water. 

It is a mainly residential municipality, however it is also home to the prestigious World Economic Forum headquarters, the Martin Bodmer Foundation (a Swiss Heritage site which houses one of the first editions of the Gutenberg bible from 1452), and the exclusive Geneva Golf Club (despite it being physically located in neighbouring Vandoeuvres). 

Despite its quite central location, Cologny remains rather exclusive as it has only 5,500 residents. In terms of housing, 77% of the properties are standalone houses. Cologny actually spans across 365 hectares, offering equally secluded homes further in-land, for example in the La Gradelle neighbourhood.  

For those that enjoy a historic tale, Cologny prides itself on having accommodated Lord Byron, Mary Shelley, Percy Shelley and friends in the summer of 1816. It was during this trip that Mary Shelley wrote the first chapters of Frankenstein, in the Villa Diodati which still stands today.


Chic residential municipality, made up primarily of standalone houses

Close proximity to the centre of Geneva (5-15 minutes)

Walking distance to the Lake and its activities

Home to the renowned Martin Bodmer Foundation and the Geneva Golf Club



Surface area (hectares)


Population (2019)


Population density (inhabitants/hectare)


Swiss 2018


Foreigners 2018


% of residents between 20-60 years old


% of total built surface (including infrastructure)


% of stand-alone properties