Veyrier (incl. Vessy and Pinchat)

The charming municipality of Veyrier is essentially residential and sits on the border with France.

The village centre of Veyrier has been clustered around the Church since the Middle Ages, and this still remains the case today, giving it a charming small village feel. Due to its agricultural history, a third of the land is still dedicated to vineyards and vegetable farming. This vast space also contributes to the fact that 86% of properties in Veyrier are standalone houses. Veyrier also benefits from a close view of the Salève mountain which is a stone's throw away, and is a popular weekend hiking trail or quick cable-car trip up to the top.

Veyrier is famous for hosting a large celebration end of September called the 'Vogue de Veyrier' which historically celebrates the Catholic Saint Maurice. On this occasion, the whole village comes together for a weekend of festivities, including events, sports, cultural activities, children's shows, artisanal markets and more.

Vessy, west of Veyrier, is home to the popular sports centre located on the banks of the Arve river. In Veyrier you will also find the lovely residential neighbourhood of Pinchat.


Beautiful area for walks and safe for cycling with kids

Close proximity to the centre of Geneva: 15 mins by car or 30 mins by bus

'Vogue de Veyrier' is the weekend celebration of the year

Stunning views on the Salève mountain

Lovely area of Geneva with easy access to France



Surface area (hectares)


Population (2019)


Population density (inhabitants/hectare)


Swiss 2018


Foreigners 2018


% of residents between 20-60 years old


% of total built surface (including infrastructure)


% of stand-alone properties